Sunday, February 5, 2012

In Memory of Mike deGruy

The world lost a great ocean enthusiast and science communicator this weekend. Mike deGruy, a zoologist turned film maker, was killed in a helicopter crash on Saturday, February 4, 2012.

I was introduced to Mike's work through National Geographic television specials and then his work on The Blue Planet series. The first time I saw a show with his commentary, I was hooked. He was the epitomy of a science communicator and I knew I could learn from his work.

The combination of his background knowledge of marine science and his storytelling ability made Mike quite a character to watch. You couldn't help but get excited about his beautiful photography and video of marine animals, often capturing unique aspects of their behavior.

Here, I've shared his TED Talk: Hooked by an Octopus. His enthusiasm and passion are palpable.

Mike, you will be missed by many. Your message and legacy live on in your work to protect our oceans.

To learn more about Mike and his work, you can visit his website.

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